Carolyn Kirkland






Copyright Carolyn Kirkland 2016

Artist Statement

People and pattern preside in my pictorial plane.

My working process is rooted in the potential of experimenting with observational drawing and a collection of memories recalled from visual and literary experiences.

A pictorial language has evolved from the play between pigment and paper enabling me to enter ‘another world’, an ephemeral space where historical and contemporary figures can converge in an ambiguous narrative.

These encounters are transfigurations of reality, of distance and proximity of bonding and discord, echoing similarities and differences of idealised appearance and fragmentation across time and cultures.

I have a preference to work in theme related series and I am attracted to the ritual of people parading their finery  paying homage to exaggerated body shape and devotion to fashion – posing and posturing they have become my platform players.

I aim for simplicity, subtracting the obvious and retaining the essence in a practise that changes and grows.


I studied Graphics at Art College specialising in Typograhpy and worked in studios in West Sussex.. After several years working as a designer I decided to break out from the discipline and develop my own drawing and painting. In pursuit of this I became fascinated with traditional Chinese Art, travelling extensively in China as a tour guide and tutor and attending classes in painting at the Beijing Academy of Fine Art.

In 2004 I graduated from Kingston University with an MA (Distinction) in Drawing as Process.

Since that time I have participated in exhibitions around the UK from Cumbria to Brighton.

Group Exhibitions

2016    Bankside, London

2015    Towner Gallery, Eastbourne & Lewes House, Lewes

2014    Seawhite Studio, Partridge Green

2013 - 2008    Chalk Gallery, Lewes

2012    Mall  Galleries, London

2011    Pallant House, Chichester & Hop Gallery, Lewes

2008    Blue Elephant Theatre, London

2007    Petworth House Gallery, Petworth

           Menier Gallery (SGFA), London

2006    Bournemouth, Whitstable, Cumbria, Stroud

2005    Mernier Gallery, London & The Stables, Brighton